Oil Pulling & The Dangers of Flouride

“Oil pulling” has been circling the social media and online world for the past few years, but some of us are still skeptical of it’s benefits. Some of us are still unpersuaded by the unbelievable results this process promises. Did the ancient Egyptians really use essential oils to preserve their pearly white teeth before fluoride was a regular ingredient in tooth paste? What are the dangers of fluoride in toothpaste and mouthwash anyway?

Fluoride has been banned from drinking water and mouthwash in many countries. Some of those countries include Finland, China, Austria, Belgium, etc. These countries have many concerned American citizens asking, why them and not us? While it is argued that fluoride is essential to gum and tooth health, the dangers of fluoride can also be taken into consideration. About 50% of fluoride can be processed through the kidneys, while the other 50% is still accumulating in the rest of the body. Ingesting fluoride through toothpaste, water, carbonated drinks, and canned soups will easily lead to an over-accumulation of fluoride in the body. The National Research Council has even concluded that “fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain”. Changes in learning and behavior are the most common ways we witness the harmful effects of fluoride on the brain. This has been echoed by the EPA (U.S Environmental Protection Agency) and by many of us who are protesting products with active fluoride chemicals.
Whether you are actively protesting fluoride or just looking for a more holistic way to clean your mouth, oil pulling might be the most effective solution you’ve ever tried. Oil pulling is an ancient ritual associated with the Egyptians and Ayurvdeic societies. Oil pulling uses natural oils to quite literally “pull toxins” from the body. This natural remedy can be used for throat issues, fungal infections in the body, general health, and for gum / tooth decay. These oils will successfully pull dangerous toxins through the mouth, leaving you completely clean.
How to Successfully Practice Eco-Friendly Oil Pulling 

Step 1 - Make sure to oil pull before you have ingested any food or morning coffee. Fill the cap of a regular mouthwash bottle or two tablespoons with either extra virgin olive, sesame, or coconut oil.
Step 2 - Swish it around in your mouth just as you would any mouthwash, for about five – ten minutes. Set the exact time on your smart phone or watch. I personally swish for ten minutes nightly after brushing, and again in the morning before eating.
Step 3 - Remember to get rid of the oil in the garbage can or garbage disposal. The reason: if toxins have been pulled out of your mouth, they are most likely residing in the used oil. Do not re-use.
Step 4 - Rinse with purified water 1-2 times until your mouth feels refreshed. You’ll notice the benefits of oil pulling in just a week. You’ll see your gums becoming completely free of irritation and your teeth free of plaque. If you are suffering from an abscess in a problematic tooth or experiencing any other infections, you’ll see the symptoms slow and eventually stop completely.
If you are interested in protesting the use of fluoride in American drinking water and toothpaste, please visit Fluoride Alert  online to explore the issues, frequently asked questions, and most recent news regarding fluoride dangers.
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